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Cube is an interactive stage design for musical and other forms of performance. The work explores the concept of mediated spectacles where the performer and performance are boxed into an enclosed cubical space and can only be seen by the audience through a series of manipulated and altered projections of the performance. 


The center piece of the stage design is a cubical space that is lined with reflexive materials and lighting on the inside and covered with a white canvas for projection on the outside. Away from the audiences’ view, the performer is enclosed in the space that is equip with multiple Microsoft Kinects that capture the performance in a live stream. The internal lights are controllable to by the performer via MIDI and DMX. The live stream is controlled and altered with generative code and projected not the external canvas of the cube. 

The videos above were taken of the inaugural performance with The Cube. Music performed by Shanghai musician B6 at Club All, Shanghai.


The video to the left is a documentation video of The Cube being set up at the experimental music and performance platform Playground in Shanghai. 

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