Cube is an interactive stage design installation for musical and other forms of performance. The performer is enclosed in the cube, away from the audiences’ view, while multiple cameras and Microsoft Kinects capture the performance, generative code is used with the live stream and the video is projected onto the white canvas covering the cube. Lining the inside of the cube is neon led strips that are controllable over MIDI and DMX that the performer can utilize in any manor of ways. The inside surface of the cube is a reflective silver material that brings out the feeling of the performer trapped in a tin box. The audience can view the performance, but only through the mediated media being projected.

The videos above were taken of the inaugural performance with The Cube. Music performed by Shanghai musician B6 at Club All, Shanghai.


The video to the left is a documentation video of The Cube being set up at the experimental music and performance platform Playground in Shanghai.