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Traveler is an interactive installation and consists of 2 stationary pneumatic bicycles and a 180 degrees panoramic video projection. The two bicycles act as controllers triggering different audiovisual content to appear on the screen, that of the streets of New York and the streets of Beijing. When the bikes are not peddled the panoramic screen randomly merges elements of both cities.

This piece was exhibited as part of the Code Blue exhibition at the Millennium Museum in Beijing in 2006. 

Artists: Sven Travis, Benjamin Bacon, Paul Notzold

Traveler Installation.jpg

Traveler, exhibition photo at the Millennium Museum in Beijing (right top)

Traveler installation diagram design (right bottom).

Archival video of Traveler installation live at the Millennium Museum, 2006 (left bottom).

Prototyping and testing in New York and Beijing.

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