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electronics, custom software, projection, bicycles

collaborators: Sven Travis

Traveler is an interactive new media installation that combines large projected digital content environments with physical user interaction controlled through motion and pneumatics. The installation pulls video footage and audio simultaneously from the streets of New York City and Beijing. Two participants through peddling on two bicycles at the center of the installation control the live mixing of audiovisual content from the two cities that are then projected onto the surrounding screens. The piece blurs the boundaries between the two cities and questions, can we be in two realities at the same time?

This work was created under the artist collective name Yacht Club.

Traveler Installation.jpg
Traveler - Install - Beijing - Benjamin Bacon.jpg

Traveler, exhibition photo at the Millennium Museum in Beijing.

Images of urban biking cultures from Beijing and New York City mashed together.

Urban Landscapes.png
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