Traveler is an interactive video projected on a panoramic screen and pneumatic installation that involves two stationary bikes. Depending on which bike is peddled faster the video projected would switch from a bike ride through NYC to a bike ride in Beijing. Music reflecting each city also plays. When the bikes are not peddled the panoramic screen displays a cubed combination of both cities. The front tire of the bikes are rigged to pneumatics, so that when someone rides the bike the front tire bounces up and down as if riding down a city street.

This piece was created in collaboration with the Sven Travis and Paul Notzold. This piece was exhibited as part of the Code Blue exhibition at the Millennium Museum in Beijing. 

Traveler Installation.jpg

Traveler, exhibition photo at the Millennium Museum in Beijing (right top)

Traveler installation diagram design (right bottom).

Archival video of Traveler installation live at the Millennium Museum, 2006 (left bottom).

Prototyping and testing in New York and Beijing.