Black box theory is known as an object or system that transfers or shapes input into output without any knowledge of the mechanisms working internally. What happens when an object enters the black box? How does it transform? Is input equal to the output or is there data loss? Is our perception of reality the same as the digital representation outputted from the black box? Subjective Box scans the perceived form of the input-object in 360 degrees and projects the decaying transient data remnants.

Subjective Box was part of the exhibition CTL-Print which was themed around the concept of historical and modern printing technologies. We decided to interrogate the meaning of printing within the age of digitized devices, and utilizing a cylinder full of flatbed scanners and a projector to create a new custom interface that digitally prints the image of the participants onto spaces.

This piece was created in collaboration with Glendon Jones. This project is part of the Parsons SpyLab  Research Group. 

This was a collaborative exhibition between Parsons the New School for Design in NYC and the Royal College of Arts in London. You can find more info on the show from the Parsons Press Release or the RCA Press Release

The video below compiles some scan results of the installation.

Stills of scans.