PROBE II, Subaudition


PROBE Series II: Subaudition is a binary set of extra-planetary machines that investigate and apply machine learning methods of speech to text recognition to explore subaudition through the degradation and meaning of spoken language by decoding spoken word into kinetic energy, information transmission and visual representation with light, color, patterns and reflection. By creating a radio frequency network-based ecosystem between machines and interactions with the audience, the artist intermingles human culture and machine culture in the gallery space through a real-time feedback loop.


Machine I (recognition, decoding and transmitter), captures human voice and directional position as well as other environmental data of the gallery space then encodes it into morse code that is communicated kinetically through solenoid tapping, transmitting the decoded message to Machine II.


Machine II (receiver and visual pattern emitter) collects and reinterprets the transmitted information and transforms it into non-verbal and non-textual language through light and color pattern emission that is projected back into the space through a mechanism of mirrored surfaces and a rotating cylinder with slits.

This piece will be exhibited at Art Laboratory Berlin August 2021 at the Under the Viral Shadow: Networks in the Age of Technoscience and Infection exhibition. You can find reviews of the work and exhibition at Art Link BerlinArt-in-Berlin, and Clot Magazine.

05. PROBE SERIES II - Machine 01 - Blueprints (Small).jpg

Machine I Structural Drawings

06. PROBE SERIES II - Machine 02 - Blueprints (Small).jpg

Machine II Structural Drawings

Expanded diagrams of Machine I and Machine II.

Probe I Subaudition_Machine I_Black_Benjamin Bacon_2021

Probe II: Subaudition, Machine I. 2021.

Photographed by Jinyu Liu.

Probe II Subaudition_Machine I_Black_Benjamin Bacon_2021

Probe II: Subaudition, Machine II. 2021.

Photographed by Jinyu Liu.

Machine 01 - Render 02.tif

Probe II: Subaudition, Machine I. Renderings in natural environment. 2021.

Machine 02 - Render 06.jpg

Probe II: Subaudition, Machine II. Renderings in natural environment. 2021.