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electronics, ML, custom software, glass, brass, wood, felt

Little Sound Machines is a sound installation consisting of a series of both mechanical and digital machines that are connected to a machine learning network. Three ML models form the central brain of the network. Through learning from and influencing each other, the models construct the musical phrases that are then played out through a series of sound-generating machines constructed from found objects, up-cycled components, and spare parts.


The piece positions the musician and artist in collaboration with the machine. Through experimentation, the artist explores new musical interfaces that erases the composer from the equation in favor of a purely machine-made performance. This performance evolves throughout time, allowing the machine autonomy to self-learn and self-express. 

Little Sound Machines - 02.jpg

Little Sound Machines, close up of Machine No. 7

Little Sound Machines - 27.jpg

Machine No.1

This machine utilizes bells scavenged old school telephones and triggers them through sending electricity through the ringing mechanism.

Little Sound Machines - 28.jpg

Machine No.2

This machine utilizes the same mechanism as Machine No. 1, but it spatially reconfigures the bells to see how sound bounces in the vitrine.

Little Sound Machines - 31.jpg

Machine No.3

This machine is constructed from a solenoid

attached to some found copper board. The solenoid strikes the piece of felt placed

underneath, acting as a drum machine.

Little Sound Machines - 30.jpg

Machine No.4

This machine utilizes two miniature air pumps to push salt through tubing. The contact mic in the vitrine captures the sound of salt rubbing against the tubes as it moves up and down.

Little Sound Machines - 29.jpg

Machine No.5

This machine controls the airflow of the fan. The contact mic amplifies the sound of air traveling through the vitrine. Light materials such as broken up foam can also be placed in the vitrine to create different types of sound textures.

Little Sound Machines - 26.jpg

Machine No.6

This machine channels the sounds generated by the other machines and channels it back through the vitrine, amplifying the sound in the contained space of the dome.

Little Sound Machines - 08.jpg

Machine No.7

This machine utilizes solenoids to activate the xylophone, bringing melody into the ensemble. As the machine learns from itself and evolves, the melody presents this evolution in sound. 

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