Since 1990

Based in Shanghai, China — SoundSpade is the solo and dj project of Benjamin Bacon (USA). He is the co-creator and resident DJ for Black Eyeliner • ⿊黑眼线 and the founder, organizer and resident musician for Voltage Divider • 分压器器, a series of live music and media events in Shanghai and Beijing that explore different experimental and avant-garde musical styles and non-traditional production methods. In 1994 he formed DIES IRAE ! US with fellow confidant Jonathan Ford (Dissociate) and performed at festivals such as Wave Gothik Treffen in Leipzig, German. In the late 1990’s Jon and Ben left Dies Irae ! US and formed the electro-industrial duo Animadversion and in the early 2000’s he went on to form the band Blindworks.

Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s he Dj’d at various venues in North America, Europe and Asia. He is the co-founder of Dogma Lab, a cross-disciplinary media and design consultancy based in Shanghai where he also designs and produces his own line of musical instruments and

synthesizers under the brand Dogma E-Sound.

His music and performances has been featured in magazines such as That's Beijing, Smart Shanghai, Modern Weekly, the German National Radio, Shanghai Community Radio, etc. 

You can find a selection of SoundSpade's music at







Voltage Divider is a bi-monthly experimental live electronic music night that was started by Benjamin Bacon in Shanghai. The goal of the event was to bring together Beijing and Shanghai (occasionally Hong Kong) musicians that have diverse music styles to dedicate a night to the showcase of electronic music, and to encourage musical exchange between the two cities. Voltage Divider - Snapline was listed as one of the top underground shows of 2015 in Smart Shanghai.

Selected reviews on Voltage Divider and his music during that period:

- Listen to his conversation about AI and art with musician and artist Wang Changcun at B-Side China Podcast and RADII journalist Josh Feola.

- View the MANA Shot interview video  where SoundSpade talks about his experimental works and instrument design. 


2012 - 2015


Black Eyeliner is a monthly multimedia DJ night that was started by Benjamin Bacon and Alex Chow in Beijing. We strive to bring a diverse variety of music to the Beijing underground music scene. Blackeyeliner is produced by Dogma and has been featured in

magazines such as Timeout Beijing, City Weekend.

Selected reviews on Black Eyeliner and his music during that period: The Beijinger,  Side-Line Magazine.