Upon entering the cafe at the National Art Museum of China during the Synthetic Times 2008 exhibition, weary gallery-goers are witness to a triptych of large data monitors, representing all recent Bluetooth en- abled mobile devices present at the museum. The screens, each with its own visual language, represent an hourly, daily, and weekly archive of unique mobile phone hardware ID numbers recorded as they enter the museum. These time scales and visual iconography evoke the central themes of the Synthetic Times 2008 exhibition: the expressive nature of the human body beyond mere visuality, the intrinsic qualities of digital media as emotive and autonomous agents, the multivalent recombinant quality of data clouds and the rhizomatic hyper-connectedness of telephony and computational networks. 1000 Cell Phones is a mobile media installation focused the nature of social networking and our relationship to it.

This piece was created in collaboration with Sven Travis, David Carroll and Haiyan Huang

1000 Cellphones.jpg

1000 Cellphones exhibition photo at Synthetic Times, National Art Museum of China, 2008 (top right).

1000 Cellphones Video.

1000 Cellphones Installation NAMOC 2 - B