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electronics, custom software, screens

collaborators: David Carroll, Sven Travis

1000 Cellphones is a screen-based generative installation that is networked and pulls information from gallery participants’ Bluetooth- enabled devices and visualizes this information on monitors in the museum’s public space. By editing their data, visitors can interact with the piece and change what is being displayed, creating a playful mechanism to lead the public to consider data privacy issues. This piece was done at a time when Bluetooth security was still in its infancy where data protection was still insufficient.


The work highlights larger questions surrounding social behavior, location and digital privacy issues through the familiar and ubiquitous interface of the mobile device that interacted with a seemingly innocent digital display that hijacked user device information.

1000 Cellphones Installation NAMOC 2 - B
1000 Cellphones.jpg

1000 Cellphones exhibition photo at Synthetic Times, National Art Museum of China, 2008

1000 Cellphones installation networked interaction rendering.

Installation Interaction Render.png
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