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Benjamin Bacon is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and musician. His practice and research sit at the intersections of computational design, networked systems, machine art, digital fabrication, and sound. His body of work has been exhibited in various venues worldwide, including North America, Europe, East Asia, and the Middle East. 


Bacon’s practice centers around explorations into computation, its qualities and characteristics as a creative medium, and its changing relationship with society and industry perception. His creations have taken the form of mechanical sculptures, machine learning neural networks, networked systems, experimental interfaces, body-hacking, and sound. His methodology as an artist is fundamentally rooted in the design research process. It is experimental in its essence, often reliant on direct interaction with materials. His conceptual approach is at times playful, at times critical, at times commentary, and at times speculative. 


Bacon’s work has been profiled by print magazines such as Design 360, IDEAT Magazine, and Modern Weekly, as well as online magazines and platforms such as the New York Times, Rizhome, Creators Project (China), LEAP, The Art Newspaper, Neural Magazine, and CLOT Magazine. Music and sound have maintained a strong presence in his practice. His music has been collected and released on compilation albums such as Thanks for Stopping By (Guangzhou Underground Records) under the stage name Artifact Unknown, Taxeee Tapes Vol. 3 (87Fei87 Records), Face the Beat Session 4 (Sideline Music), and Re-Charge Music Compilation Volume I (Mao Re-Charge) under the stage name SoundSpade. His work in technology, sound and music has led to interviews with RADII China and the German National Radio and an invited talk at TEDxNingbo.


Benjamin Bacon is currently an Associate Professor of Media and Art at Duke Kunshan University and co-director of the Design, Technology, and Radical Media Lab. He is also a lifetime fellow at V2_Lab for the Unstable Media since 2019 and the co-chair of the XResearch Cluster at V2_ with Boris Debackere.

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