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electronics, custom software
2007, 2014

At Mingle’s core, the installation is a voyeuristic sound piece that interacts with audio messages left by audiences in local or remote locations and uses their conversations as fodder for sound experimentation.


First conceived and created in 2007, Mingle utilizes a networked sound interface for audiences across different time zones and spatial configurations to listen into and participate in the deconstructing and constructing of sound poem made up of messages left by gallery visitors. The artist created multiple portable red phones with customized hardware that allows users to record sound or messages as well as play back audio recordings through wireless connection. This flexibility enables the installation to intervene in public spaces outside of the gallery and museum. As more audio clips are collected, the sound poem loops and transforms based on crowd sourced content. The first iteration of this work was installed in different time zones in the USA, Asia, and Europe. 


In 2014, the artist expanded on the work by investigating and experimenting with concepts of private and public access to information and questions who is allowed access data. 

Mingle V.2 - CAFAM 7 - Benjamin Bacon.jpg

Mingle Version 2.0 exhibited at the Central Academy of Fine Art Museum (CAFAM), 2014. 

Mingle V.2 - CAFAM - Benjamin Bacon.jpg
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