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ML, vinyl print on acrylic

Neural Dreams / Human Machines is a series of works that the artist began in 2014 that experiments with the Google Deep Dream neural network as a tool and approach for generating computationally processed imagery. Utilizing public domain video footage, television advertisements and scraped video footage from the internet, this series explores how machines translate and interpret human mass media and visual culture. This process utilizes a method of frame-by-frame image processing with assistance of open-source ML tools. Found visual content is processed through multiple generations and layers of inception and pieced together manually with an emphasis on exhibiting the image morphology process. This work experiments with early day machine learning tools and neural networks in a figurative and material way, where custom programming was necessary and long processing durations spanned days and weeks.

A 2022 reiteration of the works further experiments with different methods of bringing deep dream images into physical materials and space in a 3-dimensional way.

Neural Dreams in Acrylic 2022 - Side.jpg

Neural Dream 2022 in acrylic, side effect.

Neural Dreams, acrylic print, full view.

Neural Dreams 2022 in Acrylic - Full Front View.jpg
Neural Dreams in Acrylic 2022 - Top.jpg

Neural Dreams 2022 in acrylic. Close ups of top, bottom left, and bottom right corners.

Neural Dreams in Acrylic 2022 - Lower Left Corner.jpg
Neural Dreams in Acrylic 2022 - Lower Right Corner.jpg
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