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2014-2018/2022: Deep Dream and Computational Methods Series

Neural Dreams/Human Machines is a series of works that explores the Google Deep Dream neural network as a tool and approach to image generation while paired with other generative and computational methods. Utilizing public domain video footage, television advertisements and scraped video footage from the internet, this series explores the sense of vision, transforming human visual perception into machine perception via frame by frame image processing techniques. The artist collects found materials from popular visual culture as the beginning point for transformation and image processing. Videos and images were processed through multiple generations and layers of inception, then pieced together frame by frame, showcasing the morphology of the image. This work represents figurative and material experimentations by the artist during the early days of open source machine learning tools and neural networks, when dedicated Deep Dream applications were not easily downloadable and creative application of these tool were done through hand coding with long processing durations spanning days and weeks.

Ice Cream Dream, 2022 (10 minutes, 48 seconds looped)

Original Ice Cream Dream Inception, 2014; Re-Imagined through 5 Layers of Inception and Multiple Generations, 2022

Ice Cream Dream is one of the first experiments processing found TV commercials from the internet through Google Deep Dream neural network in 2014. It was processed 4 times through a single inception layer. In 2022, the original 2014 Ice Cream Dream video was used as source material and processed through 5 layers of inception and a computational drawing algorithm.

Original Source Advertisement: Little Baby’s Ice Cream “This is a Special Time” - Doug Garth Williams, 2012.

82 Layers of Inception, 2022 (33 minutes, 40 seconds looped)
Original Kinder Dream Inception, 2015; 82 Layers of Inception and Multiple Generations, 2022

82 Layers of Inception is a reinterpretation of the original Kinder Dream experimentation with Google Deep Dream in 2015. Reusing the original Kinder Surprise Chocolate Egg Commercial: Humpty Dumpty TV commercial from 1982. The footage was passed through Google Deep Dream 82 times, with each pass being processed at a different layer of inception. The 82 videos are presented in a grid of 9x9, each representing one layer of inception. When viewing, each sequential layer is masked over the grid, rotating through the entire sequence of videos.

Original Source Advertisement: Kinder Surprise Chocolate Egg Commercial: Humpty Dumpty – Lansdowneuro, 1983-1984.

This work is currently exhibiting at Museo Del Hongo: Holy Childern in Berlin, Germany, September 2022.

82 Layers of Inception 02.png
Ice Cream Dream 01.png

82 Layers of Inception, 2022

82 Layers of Inception 03.png
82 Layers of Inception 06.png
82 Layers of Inception 07.png
82 Layers of Inception 05.png
82 Layers of Inception 01.png

Ice Cream Dream, 2022

Ice Cream Dream 06.png
Ice Cream Dream 04.png
Ice Cream Dream 05.png
Ice Cream Dream 02.png
Ice Cream Dream 03.png
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